A private community for creative women ready to transform their blocks into breakthroughs and reclaim their passion and purpose.

Your life is busy… overflowing with tasks, responsibilities and to-do’s.

You work so hard and juggle so much. As your mind runs marathons trying to remember every appointment, obligation, practice, meeting, birthday party… the feeling of exhaustion consumes you.

You are grateful for a life so full, but sometimes you still look around yourself and think, “there has to be a better way than this.”

You often feel stressed, depleted, overwhelmed and burnt out trying to be everything to everyone, yet if you ever take a little bit of time for yourself, you feel “selfish.”

You wish time would slow down or stop altogether because the moments that you really want to savor are slipping through your fingers but you just can’t keep up at this pace without burning out.

When all of the commotion and chaos of your days stops and you really look at your life, what do you see? 

Are you afraid to even look?

Will you just spend another night on the couch with some wine and Netflix, or maybe a sleeve of oreos and some social media scrolling, doing anything so that you don’t have to listen to that little voice within?

I know exactly what you’re feeling right now because I’ve been there…

In 2012 I was running a 7 figure photography business, traveling, speaking on stages, had two beautiful daughters and a happy marriage. From the outside I was “living the dream.” In fact, at one point, everything I was living really HAD been my dream.  

But the reality was that while the outside looked picture perfect, inside, I was falling apart. I was burnt out, overwhelmed, stressed and fatigued. I had a recurring pinched nerve in my back, restless sleep and constant anxiety. Doctors sent me away with a diagnosis of adult ADHD and a prescription. But the prescription didn’t fix me. I was so busy hustling and achieving that a part of me was dying.

That little voice within began calling me to change. What was next for me? Was it selfish for me to want more?

I wanted…

A life I didn’t need to escape

To feel the joy, inspiration and enthusiasm I felt as a child and when I started my first business.

To be lit up and on fire and in love with life again. 

I watched other women around me in business break through their limiting beliefs and self sabotage and step into their power. I was ready to claim that for myself.

The path of transformation that took me from burnt-out, blocked and broken to living a life of passion and purpose is the path I walk with you in my coaching program.

It is a path that reconnects you to a clear vision for your life as you write a whole new story for yourself.

That little voice you’ve been scared to listen to is the voice of your Soul and it is calling you into a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

It is ready to shatter your glass ceiling and leave any limitations behind.

It is ready to heal the past and end the self sabotage. 

It is telling you that you are ready to live life more fully. 

Life can be easier, fun and more playful! It can be lit up, passionate and inspired!

Let’s paint the picture and think about this for a quick second…

What if you gave yourself one year to fully immerse yourself in a coaching community of inspiring women to transform your biggest blocks into breakthroughs and unleash a life of greater passion, purpose and joy?

Hi! I’m Heidi!

For the past decade, I’ve coached thousands of women in business and life as they have become unbound by their limitations, reclaimed their passion and stepped into their callings.

I started my career as a high school art and photography teacher, then founded and grew multiple 7 figure creative businesses including a portrait studio, a hand painted backdrop company, a photo collective and online education and coaching.

As a world renowned educator and speaker in the professional photography industry since 2010, I’ve mentored women around the world as they uncovered their unique genius and purpose and then infuse it into every area of their life and work.

During my coaching programs women have gotten unstuck, birthed new creative projects, lost weight, transformed their businesses, made more money, forgiven the past and healed some of their closest relationships. Week after week I watch them light up every area of their lives, feeling more Joy, Gratitude, Abundance and Love.

While so much transformation happens in my 8 – Week Coaching Programs, we form incredible bonds with each other and never want the 8 weeks to end! The truth is, none of this work is a quick fix.

This is an ongoing journey that we travel over our lifetimes as we continue to grow and expand into new levels. It’s a layered process, releasing what holds us back and stepping into our greatest selves.


Here’s what some of the students from She’s Gone Free are saying.

That’s why I created…

It incorporates my signature path of Transformation that I coach women through in UnBound, with an incredible community of inspiring women for support and accountability. With monthly coaching calls, meditations, book club, paint nights and creative activities, you will tap into a flow state and unleash your most inspired and productive self.


Having a coach to uplift, encourage and check in with your progress as you release what is holding you back and step into your next level. 

Feeling more energy, enthusiasm, passion and purpose in every area of life as you light them up one by one through this process.

The relief and lightness you will feel as you let go of your blocks, heal your past and forgive the people and experiences that keep you feeling stuck.

Overcoming self sabotage and silencing your inner critic so that you feel profound love and gratitude for yourself, your body and your life.

Finding your tribe of supportive, high-achieving, creative women who are all walking the path of transformation together, sharing inspiration and keeping each other accountable. No one is further along the path than anyone else. We are all walking together.

Getting back in touch with your creative and playful side with paint nights, book club, creative activities and guided meditations, letting your inner artist come out and have fun again!

The radical self-love you will feel for giving yourself this gift.

More results from the students inside of She’s Gone Free:

In the She’s Gone Free Membership Community you will learn to:

Access your flow state on demand

Create aligned goals and take inspired action towards them

Gain mastery over your time and release the concept of lack

Let go of: limiting beliefs, negative patterns and habits that no longer serve you

Find your own unique Genius Zone

Enhance productivity, focus and results with less effort and more joy

Re-ignite inspiration and creativity

Say goodbye to the work that distracts you from your greater calling

Clarify your purpose and prioritize obligations around it

Create systems that work within your own personality, talents, and natural cycles of creativity

Remove the conscious and subconscious blocks that are holding you back

Push through feelings of stuckness

Develop routines to transform your life through small daily habits

Consciously create the results you desire from a place of joy and enthusiasm

Monthly Membership Includes

Deepening exploration: Monthly Lesson with Heidi (Value: $97)

2 Group Coaching Calls with Heidi (Value: $200)

Guided Meditation and Journal Prompts (Value: $47)

1 Peer Group Coaching Call (Bi-monthly) led by Heidi (Value: $100)

Group Facilitator Activity and Training (Value: $197)

Private Facebook Community for inspiration, support and accountability (Value: $47)

Paint Night (Bi-monthly) (Value: $47)

Mindfulness Activity for Adults, Kids and Families (Value: $27)


Unbound, The Guided Path to Transformation (Value: $2200)

Bi-monthly Book Club to invite your friends to join or host a meetup

Affiliate eligibility up to $2000 per month for Group Facilitators

That’s $11,344.00 per year in value!

(up to $35,344 for Group Facilitators and Affiliates)

1 on 1 coaching with Heidi starts at $1,000 per month

This membership is the exclusive way to have Heidi as your coach plus all of the benefits of a creative and inspiring community of women!





100% Happiness Guarantee

I want every woman to experience the profound freedom and joy that this path of transformation brings, which is why I provide a tremendous amount of value up front for such a low monthly payment. I also know the program cannot work unless you are ready to fully commit to yourself. If you join the monthly membership and it isn’t the right fit, or something comes up in your life and you cannot continue the journey with us, you can cancel at any time. If you purchase the annual option and it isn’t the right fit, you can request to cancel within 7 days for a full refund.

More results from the students inside of She’s Gone Free:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a course or a membership?

It’s both! Plus group coaching with me, Heidi. Membership includes access to the 8 week path of transformation used in my group coaching program Unbound, plus other monthly activities and inspiration to dig deeper, keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

I’m super busy, what is the time commitment to see results?

If you have not done one of my 8 week coaching programs before, expect a greater time commitment during the first 8 weeks together. The UnBound Path of Transformation is about 2 hours per week depending on how much you journal. After that, if you choose to attend all live coaching calls, book club and paint night, your monthly time commitment would be 4 hours (1 per week), plus optional journaling and reading.

What times will the calls be?

All calls are on a regularly scheduled date and time so that you can plan ahead and schedule them in!  Group Coaching Calls are all on Tuesdays at 1pm EST. Paint nights are every 8 weeks on Thursday nights from 7-10pm EST. Book Club Brunch is every 8 weeks on Thursdays at 11am EST.

What if I can’t make the live call times?

Everything we do is recorded and placed on the community course portal and can be replayed anytime. For example, our bi-monthly paint night will be recorded and you could watch it back during the day or even do it with your kids. Women in my coaching programs so far have commented that they get a tremendous amount out of watching the coaching calls back even when they can’t be there live.

I would love to bring this work to women or children in my community, how can I be a group facilitator?

The group facilitator ideas are available to everyone as part of this membership! You can use them in your family, with friends or in your business. If you’d like to make money as an affiliate, simply email heidi@heidihope.com and we’ll get you set up!

What do I get when I join?

When you join you will get immediate access to Unbound, The Guided Path to Transformation ($2200 value). That is an 8 week program that you can take at your own pace while being supported by our group and coaching calls. When you log into the She’s Gone Free Community portal you will see the schedule of live coaching calls, monthly “dig deep” topics, book club and paint nights. From there you can join our Facebook Community to start getting to know your new tribe of support and inspiration! Get excited!

What if I don’t want to pay a monthly fee?

You can select the annual option and save an extra $367 while you’re at it!

My spouse, friends and family are noticing a change in me and want to sign up too! I would love for them to experience the same transformation. How can I become an affiliate?

This happens a lot! Once you feel lit up and inspired, you want that feeling for everyone you know! One candle lights another. We have 2 tiers of affiliates that offer you the opportunity to make monthly revenue if you love sharing the path of transformation with others.

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