Photographer Rising with heidi hope coaching 2023

For professional photographers who are ready to build and scale their business past 6-figures with more ease, alignment and joy.

You love photography, that’s why you started this business, but you’re ready to say goodbye to the burnout, overwhelm and hustle that can sometimes come with building a photography business.
You know that your dream clients exist, yet you’re often still attracting people who don’t value the work you do.
You are done with price shoppers and bargain hunters.  You’re ready to be a recognizable brand, sought after for the art you create.
You want the freedom to shoot less, take time off, and enjoy paid vacations while still making the same amount of money (or more!).
You are ready to feel confident in your finances, marketing and sales by making a plan for your business with a clear, recession conscious path for the future that has been proven to get results for hundreds of other photographers.
You are excited to scale, hire help, add passive revenue streams, or make another big leap in your business and you want the support of someone who has been there.
You’re tired of figuring it out on your own and want to invest in a straightforward system to scale your photography as quickly and easily as possible.
You want one-on-one coaching to strategize for your unique business model, PLUS a community of like minded photographers to brainstorm, share ideas and accelerate your growth.

You are grateful for the business you have built, but sometimes you still look around yourself and think, “there has to be a better way than this.”  You want the same success without the burnout.

You often feel stressed, depleted, or overwhelmed trying to do everything within your business, but you don’t know what to let go of or how to do it.  It feels like everything relies on you.

You wish time would slow down because the moments that you really want to savor are slipping by and you just cant keep up.  You are ready to feel present and truly enjoy your business and life.

When all of the commotion and chaos of your days stops and you really look at your life, what do you see?

Do you love everything you have built or are you feeling crushed under the weight of it all? 

Are you afraid to even look?

Will you spend another night on the couch with some wine and Netflix, or maybe a pint of ice cream and some social media scrolling, doing anything so that you don’t have to listen to that little voice within?

I know exactly what you’re feeling right now because I’ve been there…

In 2012 I was running a 7 figure photography business, traveling, speaking on stages, had two beautiful daughters and a happy marriage. From the outside I was “living the dream.” In fact, at one point, everything I was living really HAD been my dream.  

But the reality was that while the outside looked picture perfect, inside, I was falling apart. I was burnt out, overwhelmed, stressed and fatigued.

I was working 50 hours a week at the studio and still taking work home.  I was even back full-time, hunched over a beanbag and taking newborn photos for clients 4 weeks after my daughter Grace was born.

This was not the life I envisioned when I started my business.

I had a recurring pinched nerve in my back, restless sleep and constant anxiety. Doctors sent me away with a diagnosis of adult ADHD and a prescription. But the prescription didn’t fix me. I was so busy hustling and achieving that a part of me was dying.

That little voice within began calling me to change. Was it selfish for me to want more?  Was the balance and joy I craved even possible or was this the fate of being a small business owner?

I wanted…

A life I didn’t need to escape.

To feel the joy, inspiration and enthusiasm I felt when I first started my photography business.

To be lit up and on fire and in love with my life and business again. 

More time with my young kids where I could be fully present and full of energy.

Freedom to take time off, travel and work from anywhere. 

I knew there had to be a better way to run a photography business
and I was ready to claim that for myself.

 The path of transformation that took me from burnt-out, blocked and broken while running my photo business, to living a life of passion and purpose is the path I walk with you in my coaching programs.

It is a path that reconnects you to a clear vision for your life and business as you write a whole new story for yourself.

That little voice you’ve been scared to listen to is the voice of your soul and it is calling you into a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

It is ready to shatter the glass ceiling within your business and leave any limitations behind.  No more playing small.

Combining my proven system for scaling a photography business to 6 or 7 figures with my life changing coaching methodology, this 12 week program will unleash your next level in business and life.  

Your photography business can be easier, fun and more playful!

It can be as lit up, passionate and inspired as the day you first picked up your camera!

Let’s paint the picture and think about this for a quick second…

What if you gave yourself 12 weeks to fully immerse yourself in a coaching community of inspiring photographers to transform your biggest business blocks into breakthroughs, start purposefully designing a career you love and unleashing a life of greater passion, purpose and joy?

Hi! I’m Heidi!

For the past decade, I’ve coached thousands of women in business and life as they have become unbound by their limitations, reclaimed their passion and stepped into their callings. 

As a coach, I am a unique combination of business bad-ass and wholistic wellness.  I want artists to experience financial freedom as well as the deeper joy that comes from intentionally designing how they get that money!

I started my career as a high school art and photography teacher, then founded and grew multiple 7 figure creative businesses including a portrait studio, a hand painted backdrop company, a photo collective and online education and coaching.

As a world renowned educator and speaker in the professional photography industry since 2010, I’ve mentored women around the world as they uncovered their unique genius and purpose and then infuse it into every area of their life and work.

But, it wasn’t always easy for me.  I spent many years in the hustle and burnout cycle.  I know what it’s like to build a business through struggle and sacrifice, and I know what it’s like to turn it all around completely after hitting rock bottom.
During my coaching programs women have gotten unstuck, birthed new creative projects, lost weight, transformed their businesses, made more money, forgiven the past and healed some of their closest relationships.
Once photographers are confident in my proven business systems, they can begin the deeper work, lighting up every area of their lives, feeling more Joy, Gratitude, Abundance and Love.
In my coaching programs we will work together to figure out your genius (yes you!) and then infuse it into every area of your business so that you can make more money, feel more fulfilled, and have more time to spend doing the things you love!


Here’s what some of the photographers from my coaching programs are saying:

heidi hope coaching and photographer rising testimonial
heidi hope coaching and photographer rising reviews
heidi hope coaching and photographer rising testimonials

That’s why I created…

Photographer Rising with heidi hope coaching 2023

I first ran Photographer Rising, my online business course for photographers, in 2015 and have been running it with incredible results ever since!

In 2021 I completely re-recorded all of the content to include lessons from my experience of growing past 7 figures annually, opening a photo collective space, and creating multiple passive revenue streams.

I also began stepping into my passion for life coaching and hosting high level masterminds in early 2020, and have added that methodology to Photographer Rising to take my business coaching to the next level.

As someone who has built a million dollar portrait studio from the ground up, I can tell you that no amount of money will make you happy until you do the inner work necessary for success!  That’s why I combine business and mindset together in my work.

This combination of business and mindset coaching is only available once in 2023.

And it all starts February 6th.


Having me as your coach to uplift, encourage and strategize with you as you release what is holding you back and step into your unique genius in business. 

Creating a solid plan for your business in pricing, sales, marketing and branding to attract more ideal clients who seek you out for your unique artistry.

The relief and lightness you will feel as you let go of the blocks that keep you feeling stuck and develop innovative ways to scale your business with multiple revenue streams.

Overcoming self sabotage and silencing your inner critic so that you can get to the next level in your business, showing up confidently and setting clear boundaries.

Working together with a group of supportive, high-achieving, creative business women who are all walking the path of transformation together, sharing inspiration, ideas and keeping each other accountable. Your new business besties.

Having a fully booked calendar after mastering innovative marketing techniques (outside of just social media) and building your list through organic lead generation.

The radical self-love and accomplishment you will feel when you take these 12 weeks and commit to realizing your full potential in business.

More results from the students inside of my coaching programs:

In Photographer Rising you will learn to:

Set a solid foundation for your business legally and financially
Confidently price your work for profit and create collections that sell

Gain mastery over your time and release the concept of lack, allowing you to be more present with your loved ones

Nail down your style and niche, and use it to clarify your brand vision, mission, values and message.

Find your own unique Genius Zone and learn how to leverage it in your work.

Set business boundaries, contracts and policies and clearly communicate them to clients.

Develop additional revenue streams and explore the possibilities of passive revenue, specific to photographers.

Determine if employees, associates or outsourcing is right for your business and making a hiring plan.

Set long term goals for growth, scaling and retirement.

Create systems that work within your own personality, talents, and natural cycles of creativity

Remove the conscious and subconscious blocks that are holding you back

Get over imposter syndrome and feel confident in charging what you are worth.

Consciously create the results you desire from a place of joy and enthusiasm

Ways to work with me:

1 on 1 Coaching includes access to my full library of learning programs and my mastermind membership community and starts at $1,000 per month (or $10,000 per year).

Photographer Rising – Self Study

This budget friendly option is for the most cost-conscious and self-motivated learners who want instant access to the entire course curriculum to get started today.  Learn at your own pace.  There is no coaching included in this option.


Lifetime Access to Photographer Rising Online Business Course for Photographers.

NOW $497 (regularly $1111)

Photographer Rising with 12 week Group Coaching 2023

Starting February 6th 2023

This option is my ONLY photography business group coaching option in 2023.  Includes lifetime access to the course plus 12 weeks of bi-weekly group coaching calls (all recorded for lifetime review).


Lifetime Access to Photographer Rising Online Business Course for Photographers.

12 weeks of bi-weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions and strategize for your business.

Facebook Mastermind Community of Support.

NOW $1997 (regularly $2222)

BONUS!  Register before 12/25/22 and get 3 months FREE in my monthly coaching membership She’s Gone Free ($591 Value)

Photographer Rising High Level Mastermind 2023

Lifetime Access to Photographer Rising Online Business Course for Photographers.

12 weeks of bi-weekly group coaching calls to answer your questions and strategize for your business (larger group).

Facebook Mastermind Community of Support (larger group).

2- 1 on 1 calls with Heidi scheduled at your convenience.

Monthly finance and retirement planning call with Shaun (x3)

Monthly small high level business mastermind strategy call with Heidi (x3) (private mastermind group)

$3997 (regularly $5555)

BONUS!  Register before 12/25/22 and get 3 months FREE in my monthly coaching membership She’s Gone Free ($591 Value)

100% Happiness Guarantee

I want every photographer to experience the profound freedom and joy that Photographer Rising can bring to your business when you commit to doing the work. I also know the program cannot work unless you are ready to fully commit to yourself. If you register for any of my coaching programs and then feel it isn’t the right fit, you can request to cancel within 7 days for a full refund.

More results from the students inside of my coaching programs:

testimonial of heidi hope coaching and photographer rising business course for photographers
reviews of heidi hope coaching

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have access to the information in this program?

No matter what option you choose, you have lifetime access to the information in all of the modules to rewatch as many times as you’d like.  Many people revisit the business planning exercises every year.  If you choose an option with coaching, you will also have the recordings of all of our coaching calls.  Our facebook community is open for support for the 12 weeks that the coaching is active and then it is archived so that you are still able to see all of the posts and rewatch the videos.

I’m super busy, what is the time commitment to see results?

Each of my coaching programs takes 1-2 hours per week to get through the material depending on how much you time you commit to the exercises.   Coaching calls are up to an additional hour per week.

What times will the calls be?

All group calls are on a regularly scheduled date and time so that you can plan ahead and schedule them in!  Photographer Rising group coaching calls in 2023 will be every other Thursday at 1:00pm EST.  High Level Mastermind Calls will be every other Tuesday at 11am EST.  1 on 1 calls can be scheduled through my calendar at a date and time convenient for you!

What if I can’t make the live call times?

Everything we do is recorded and placed on the community course portal and can be replayed anytime. Photographers in my coaching programs have commented that they get a tremendous amount out of watching the coaching calls back even when they can’t be there live.  They are inspirational calls to listen to while editing or cleaning your studio!

I've already invested in a similar program from you, but I am interested in coaching in 2023. Do I have to pay full price?

If you’ve taken Photographer Rising, Artist Rising or Unbound and you’re interested in either the Photographer Rising group coaching or high level mastermind in 2023, please email me at [email protected] and I will create a special discount code for you based on your previous investment!  If you’ve taken my programs in the past, I know you have a solid foundation for this work, and I would love to have you in our community in 2023!

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