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Magic can be found in the most unexpected places.  The first kicks you feel during pregnancy. First smiles.  First steps.  First taste of frosting.  Childhood is magic.  It seems to pass us by too quickly.  We want to hold onto it with everything we have.  At Heidi Hope Photography®, we want to make it easy for you to remember.   We’re a full-service portrait photography studio located in Cranston, Rhode Island created by photographer Heidi Guerard in 2009. Our experienced team of photographers and artists is internationally recognized and highly trained in modern fine art photography of maternity, newborn, baby’s first year, children, family, high school seniors, and boudoir. Every session is a custom experience with an unmatched attention to detail making it easy for you to create stunning fine art portraits out of your family memories.





We are all born with a creative spirit.  Photographer Rising is a resource for photographers that celebrates your unique artistic voice and gives you the tools you need to build the business of your dreams.  Visit to learn about our Photography Workshops, Online Learning, Free Webinars, Mini-Masterclasses and more!  

Thank you for the INCREDIBLE workshop Photographer Rising. After 15 years in business I was not sure how much I would benefit. What I learned was invaluable, and more than I could have ever imagined. Your style of teaching is every bit as WONDERFUL as your photography style! You workshop was inspiring, I leave feeling more creative, more business savvy, more motivated, and now have the tools to really allow my business to take off! You are amazing and your workshop is too! THANK YOU HEIDI!! #photographer rising – Jordan Koepke

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Wow Heidi Hope!!! That was worth way more than what I paid for this course!!! Every singe day I told my husband- “WOW I really needed this (ABC item)” Every. Single. Day. Thank you- a million times over- it was absolutely what I needed- exactly when I needed it!! Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching, photography and business with us all! Cherise Gunter

Bring the magic of Heidi Hope Photography to your studio. Heidi Hope began painting whimsical backdrops for her clients in 2012 as a way to set her studio apart. Now, her Pinterest famous designs are available as wrinkle free reproductions for use in your own photography! Purchase or rent these exclusive paintings and thrill your clients with your customization and style.